Finland’s Korsnäs wind farm to complete in the early 2030s

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Off the west coast of Finland, Vattenfall and Metsähallitus have formed a joint venture to build and run the Korsnäs wind farm. When fully operational, the wind farm will be able to produce up to 5TWh per year and 1.3GW of electricity. The wind facility will reportedly cost between €2 and €3 billion when completed. Consequently, it is anticipated to be fully operational in the early 2030s.

The Korsnäs wind farm will produce enough clean energy to heat about 250,000 single-family homes with electricity each year or to supply over two million apartment buildings in the nation. Vattenfall was chosen in the first of several international offshore wind tenders that Metsähallitus will conduct. The management of Finland’s land and water areas is done by Metsähallitus.

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The Korsnäs wind farm economic benefits

“Vattenfall is a leading offshore wind developer in Europe,” said Helene Biström, head of Vattenfall’s wind business area. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to build Finland’s first substantial offshore wind farm. We are eager to contribute our extensive experience to the Korsnäs project. Thus we will help Finland meet their challenging climate goals.

“With this project, Vattenfall is expanding its role in Finland. This is from one of the largest electricity retailers to a significant renewable energy producer,” said Elina Kivioja, CEO of Vattenfall Oy.

“Finland intends to meet its net zero emissions goal by 2035. Thus, we are very pleased to partner with Vattenfall, which presented strong experience on large-scale offshore wind projects along with sustainable business practises in addition to competitive commercial terms,” said Juha S. Niemelä, director general of Metsähallitus.

We are certain that this project will be advantageous to the residents of Korsnäs. This is together with the Vaasa region’s economy, and the country of Finland.