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Gabon repairs drinking water leaks in Libreville and Owendo

Gabon has embarked on repairs of drinking water leaks at a cost of US$4.88m in a project to repair drinking water leaks in the Libreville and Owendo municipalities in the Komo-Mondah division in the Gabonese Estuary province.

The projects tender has already been awarded to Drillmex (Drilling and Mine Exploration) International, a Moroccan based company that specializes in mineral exploration, water drilling, development and construction works.

The company emerged as the best bidder among other companies who had submitted their bids to the Coordination Unit of the Libreville’s first Integrated Water Supply and Sanitation SubProgramme in November last year.

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The project is set to begin in the first day of July this year and it is expected to take 20 months to complete.

The repair work

Drillmex International work as per the contract is to carryout the reinforcement of the drinking water networks in the public buildings of Libreville and Owendo communes. This public structures include the Libreville central prison, the Omar Bongo technical high school, the Nkembo hospital, the Fopi public school, the gendarmerie school, the Léon Mba complex and the Indjendjet Ngondjout high school.

The project is a part of the over US$127M programme to develop the Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation (DWSS) sector which is financed by the Gabonese government though a loan from the African Development Bank (ADB) and the Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF).

After the completion of the drinking water repair project in Libreville and Owendo municipalities, the Programme will be extended to the Akanda and Ntoum communities, all of which are still located in the Estuary Province of the west coastal country of Central Africa.

The achievements envisaged under the entire DWSS programme stem from the ambition to guarantee sustainable universal access to drinking water and sanitation in a healthy and improved living environment nationwide by 2025.


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