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Gambia inaugurates two new police stations in North Bank Region

Gambia’s Inspector General of Police Alhagie Mamour Jobe has inaugurated two new Police Stations in Madina Serign Mass and Kuntair Village, all in the North Bank Region. Furthermore, the IGP laid the foundation stone for a new Police Station at the provincial town of Jarra Soma in Lower River Region of The Gambia. All projects are community-driven initiatives.

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Construction of police stations in Ghana

Earlier in August, Siffoe Police Station was inaugurated by the minister of Interior and NGO Affairs, Ousman Sonko, in Siffoe in the Kombo South District of Western Region.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Yankuba Sonko said, since the advent of the July 22nd Revolution, the security service has received and continued to receive support from government under the able leadership of President Jammeh. Security, he said is a prerequisite for national development; that without peace and stability, there can be no meaningful development.


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