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Gambia to inaugurate Trans-Gambia Bridge in January 2019

Gambia is set to inaugurate Trans-Gambia Bridge in January 2019. This is according to Gambia President Adama Barrow being informed by the contractors at the Trans-Gambia Bridge construction site at Yelli Tenda-Bamba Tenda crossing point that the bridge will be ready next year.

“The foundation works, pile caps and piers are 100% complete. The piers, initially expected in July 2018, are currently 93% complete, while the deck, expected in November 2018, is now 67% complete,” Bojang project supervisor explained to the President, who was led on the inspection work by the Minister of Works, Construction and Infrastructure, Bai Lamin Jobe.

The 1.8 km long bridge is over five storeys high. It is designed to accommodate passage of most vessels, while longer-mast boats can easily fold their masts to pass through the bridge. The engineers described it as one of the biggest in the sub-region, 57% of workers are Gambians, 18% expatriates, and 20%Ecowas citizens.

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Trade link
Upon completion, the bridge is expected to be an important trade link between Gambia, Senegal and the sub-region, while opening up the region to the Cairo-Lagos trade corridor. However, the works are currently behind schedule due to what contractors say, is caused by a twenty meter thick mud on the river banks.

Meanwhile, the President was assured that over-water works will be complete by November 2018 while access roads that will link the bridge to the tar roads on either side, will take four months from November.

The Minister of Environment Lamin Dibba, was also at hand to learn how the impact of the construction of the bridge will affect the environment and be managed.

“Several salvation experts were brought here to give technical advice. All possible scenarios were rehearsed to come up with the best management system possible,” the President was assured by the Minister.

Dorcas Kang'ereha
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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