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Gateway South Project to redevelop the historic Chouteau Landing region in St. Louis, Missouri is being planned by the Good Developments Group. After facing years of neglect, the property is now in the pipeline for a $1.2 billion mixed-use redevelopment.  This is an 80-acre development, located in the Kosciusko neighborhood, of which 50 acres are already owned by the developers. 

St. Louis Port Authority recently voted to begin evaluating the financial feasibility of the Gateway South Project. During their discussions with the developers, potential public contributions to the project were also looked into. According to the proposal submitted, the mixed-use project is expected to include residential, retail, entertainment, office, and industrial spaces.

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Timeline and development plans for the Gateway South project

Consultant Doug Rasmussen represented the developers at the recent Port Authority meeting, where he gave more insights on the project. According to him, Gateway South would commence by late 2022 once approved and take about a decade to complete. The project would convert the old riverfront industrial area into a mixed-use development, with high-rise residential towers and an entertainment district. In addition, it would also feature an advanced manufacturing center.

The industrial portion of the Gateway South project would occupy the majority of the development site. Dennis Lower, another consultant working with the developer on the project gave details on the project scope. He mentioned that the industrial portion would span across Chouteau Avenue and Cedar Street, east of First Street. Furthermore, he said the developer is currently working on landing two major tenants to set up manufacturing operations there. In addition, the infrastructural improvements needed to address flooding issues in the area would be handled by the Port Authority and the Army Corps of Engineers.

More on the project

For the residential portion of the Gateway South project, the developer is planning two high-rise residential towers. Lower further stated that the location of these residential towers would be south of Interstate 64 north of Cedar Street. With additional units slated for development on the top floors of an old Crunden Martin Manufacturing complex. Besides the apartment units, he said retail components would also be included for the convenience of residents.

Lastly, the entertainment and recreation portion of the Gateway South project would be towards the southwest part of the site. Several attractions are being planned from a handful of national names. But one of the key features of this development will be the world-class skate park.