GB Allied Services and IGS Kenya partners to construct affordable houses in Rwanda

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Construction of affordable houses in Rwanda is in top gear following the signing of a proposal of the same by UK based GB Allied Services and International Green Structures Kenya Limited (IGS Kenya).

Earlier this month Director Ben Armani and Engineer Robert Mugisha from GB Allied Services (UK) Ltd.; visited and toured the IGStructures models in Nairobi and the IGS Manufacturing Facility Kenya (IGSM-K) in Thika, Kenya. The purpose of the visit was to verify the Alternative Building Technology (ABT) was everything they heard it to be: durable, strong and affordable. Armani, was pleased with the tour, quality of the finishes, and how large the IGStructures were. “Coming to see the IGStructure models ourselves allowed us to confirm the durability and quality of the Compressed Agricultural Fiber (CAF) Panels, plus view the various sizes and finishing options for the structures which helped us identify the proper IGStructures for our build in Kigali.” said Armani.

As the developer, GB Allied Services (UK) Ltd. will be responsible for building, marketing and sales of the affordable houses in Rwanda and IGS will provide the IGStructures, train and supervise the assembly of 2 model houses. The $293,000 Contract will be a first for the two companies which will consist of Fifty two; 55 and 74 square meters IGStructure houses each complete with a living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and 1 or 2 bathrooms.

Phase I of the Contract will begin with the shipment of two IGStructure model units from IGSM-K to Kigali, Rwanda approximately 890 miles away. The remaining IGStructures will be sent under Phase II during the first quarter of 2016. The IGStructures will be assembled and under roof in a matter of days upon delivery and is expected to be the first housing development using the Alternative Building Technology in Kigali.

“GB Allied Services is very excited about the opportunity to work with IGS and introduce this green, sustainable building material to Kigali, and we are equally excited about the speed of assembly, as it will positively impact the housing market in Rwanda,” says Armani.

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  1. This is great news for Kigali and the bold step in using new quick to assemble 2 bedroom units. I sincerely hope the site and situation has all the supporting facilities all these inhabitants will require during their day to day operation (such as shops, health care and entertainment), as proved by BedZed a sustainable settlement is only as sustainable as the inhabitants lifestyle.

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