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GECOL to construct new gas-fired power plant in Zliten, Libya

On the 26th day of January 2021, General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) announced that plans are underway for the construction of a new gas-fired power plant in Zliten.

This, the Libyan electricity company responsible for the accomplishment of the projects of operating and servicing the electric networks, stations of energy production and their distribution and transformation stations, said that it is in order to meet the growing energy demand of the population.

An overview of the proposed gas-fired power plant

The construction of the proposed gas-fired power plant is expected to take place within the next five months, at an estimated to cost US$ 134m or it’s thereabouts.

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According to Ibrahim Falah, the executive director of GECOL, the project has already received full approval from the Audit Office, and the procurement procedures for the establishment of a second 170 MW plant have been completed as well.

Featuring four 41 MW turbines and with a planned capacity of 164 MW, the future fire plant should help stabilize the national grid, which has suffered damage due to the security instabilities that have prevailed in Libyan territory since 2011.

Cooperation between GECOL and NOC

As part of its policy to improve the North African country’s electricity supply, GECOL and National Oil Corporation (NOC), the national oil company of Libya held a meeting in Tripoli earlier this month, to discuss means of cooperation between the two sides, in order to supply power plants in different parts of the country.

Lack of security and the lack of approval of the budgets necessary to address the energy deficit faced by citizens however, constitute an obstacle to the good continuity of supply operations.

Alternative energy projects such as solar energy could therefore open up new perspectives for the Libyan electricity company in its quest to deliver electrical energy at low cost.

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