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Germany Develops A Mammoth TBM For Silvertown Tunnel Project.

The tunnel boring machine termed as the largest to be used in the UK has gone through factory tests and is being shipped for the Silvertown Tunnel project in East London in segments from Germany. The machine’s diameter measures 11.91m – equivalent to around three double decker buses – overshadowing other former TBMs.

The First segments for the machine have started to arrive on site from the manufacture Herrenknecht’s works keeping the assembling process on track for the TBM launch during next Spring. Riverlinx Construction, a joint venture between BAM Nuttall, SK Ecoplant and Ferrovial Construction, is constructing a 1.4km two-lane road tunnel below the River Thames, connecting North Greenwich and Silvertown.

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The Potentiality To Turn The TBM Around.

The TBM will set off for Silvertown Tunnel project the launch chamber, piling for which is currently complete and is being excavated. The machine will later be rotated and relaunched from the Greenwich Peninsula, to dig the second tunnel, completing a total length of 2.2km. The potentiality to turn the TBM around is a key feature of its bespoke design which it incorporates the necessity to navigate forward through the stiff clay layers and boulders in the Greenwich Peninsula.

During its work, it will have excavated materials of around 600,000 tonnes, extracted by barges along the river to keep construction traffic to a minimum while the construction is ongoing. The Riverlinx CJV Project Director, Juan Jose Bregel stated: “It gives the delivery team and I a great sense of pride to have set foot this significant milestone for the Silvertown Tunnel project. “Not only seeing the project really taking shape in readiness for launch at the two major sites at Silvertown and Greenwich but feeling the exhilaration of what is still to come as the pieces of the TBM arrive to be reassembled and launched earlier in 2022.”

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