89 emergency-response bridges to be deployed across Ghana

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89 modular, steel, emergency-response bridges are set to be rapidly deployed across Ghana by the country’s Ministry of Roads and Highways as part of its strategy to improve connectivity for rural communities post-disaster, enabling quicker, safer, and more efficient connectivity for communities across the country

The government of the West African country has already selected Mabey Bridge, a leading international provider of high-quality modular steel bridging solutions as the preferred supplier of the aforementioned bridges. The company will be responsible for the design, manufacture, and delivery of the 89 emergency modular bridges over a period of two years.

It will also provide full technical support to assist with local project management and implementation, and incorporate a comprehensive training package for local engineers.

Comments on the newly signed agreement and the project at large

Michael Treacy, the CEO of Mabey Bridge that his company is delighted to be working with the Government of Ghana to help expedite and successfully implement this urgent, high-profile project. “Sustainable, climate-resilient infrastructure is critically important to post-disaster recovery and rehabilitation, and we very much look forward to working in partnership with the Ghanaian government to deliver this ambitious program” he concluded.

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Hon. Kwasi Amoako – Attah, the Minister of Roads and Highways, on the other hand, said that this project represents another landmark in the Government of Ghana’s commitment to ensure that rural communities benefit from the provision of superior infrastructure. Adding that the government is looking forward to working with Mabey Bridge on this project.

Lastly, Iain Walker, the British High Commissioner to Ghana said that the 89 bridges to be deployed across the country show the strength of the UK-Ghana partnership; a long-term partnership working for the long-term benefit of Ghana.

“We are committed to creating opportunities that move beyond aid and towards the trade and investment relationships which drive economic growth and local job creation” emphasized the commissioner.