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Ultramodern Amaris Terminal

Ghana has commissioned a new ultramodern export terminal known as the Amaris Terminal. The new terminal is a Public Private Partnership (PPP). It involves Jospong Group of Companies and the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority.

Amaris Terminal is a Ghanaian Company, licensed by the Ports and Harbours Authority.  It will offer services in the area of Container Storage and Handling. It will also offer container sales and leasing, Container Repairs and Maintenance and trucking.

However, stuffing of export cargo and container scanning is expected to commence effectively 1st July. Additionally, all the containers that are meant for export will have their weights verified.

Amaris Terminal Managing Director, Alex Atakorah says that the terminal has positioned itself to offer container weighing services.

“We are working with GPHA to make sure that we are ready for the VGM by 1st July,” says Alex Atakorah. “We probably might be a bit delayed but we are hoping that by the beginning of August we should be ready to do that.

However, in the meantime what we are doing is working with partners to make sure that containers that come out of Amaris Export Terminal are weighed at their premises before they are move to the port,” he added.

Amaris terminal occupies 50,000m2 of land with a yard capacity of 4,000 TEUS. The terminal also includes 1st class facilities which are container stacking and stuffing yard. It also has modern equipment and container repair workshop.

However, the company is also focused on setting up a first class workshop in Ghana. It is also looking into the West African region with an intention to capture the market.

Partnership with  Nick TC Scan

To this end,the terminal is working with Nick TC Scan, to have a mobile scanner on the terminal for the stored containers at Amaris terminal. The aim is to scan them before they are transported.

Amaris terminal has a 4000 TUE capacity container terminal, ready for storage and handling of containers.

The terminal also has the right equipment required such as fork lift and terminal trucks for the haulage and trucking to the port. Amaris terminal aims to offer, good customer services approach, competitive rates and first class services.

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