Ghana receives a loan to fund the expansion of Tema-Aflao road

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The government of Ghana has received over US$ 92M of financing in the form of direct loans to fund the expansion of the 166-kilometer Tema-Aflao road, connecting the Atlantic coast of Ghana to the Volta Region on the border with the neighboring republic of Togo.

The loan was provided by the UK Export Finance (UKEF) which is the operating name of the Export Credits Guarantee Department, the United Kingdom’s export credit agency, and a ministerial department of the UK government.

The Tema-Aflao road project entails the construction of 4 new lanes in addition to the already existing two in order to form a “three lanes in and three lanes out” road. The width of the road will be 100 meters with 50 meters on each side. The Lower Volta Bridge at Sogakorpe in the Volta Region will also be expanded.

The project will be carried out by BHM Construction International, a British company in the business of construction, improvement, and maintenance works for airports, roads, marine, and mining facilities.

A part of the Abidjan Lagos Corridor project

The Tema-Aflao road forms a part of the Abidjan Lagos corridor project that spans more than 1000 km connecting five West African countries which are Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria. The ambitious sub-regional integration project is financed mainly by the ECOWAS and the African Development Bank.

When fully implemented, the corridor is expected to promote the free movement Agenda of ECOWAS, generate social and economic activities, promote cross-border trade, and integrate the economies of countries in the region.

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This will contribute to the reduction of poverty levels of the population that depends on the transport modes of the corridor for livelihood.