Ghana to complete rehabilitation of US $50m Tono Water Treatment Plant in 2021

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Ghana is set to complete the rehabilitation of US $50m Tono Water Treatment Plant which is located at Navrongo in the Kassena-Nankana Municipality, Daneys, in 2021. This was announced by President Akufo-Addo when he paid a working visit to the site of the project whose contract was awarded in August 2019.

The project is being implemented by Denys Engineers and Contractors BV, and it is financed through concessional funding contributed in form of a loan by ING Bank NV of Belgium and a grant by the Netherlands Government through ORIO.

Scope of the project

The Tono Water Treatment Plant project includes the design and construction of; new raw water intake at the Tono reservoir, including pumping station and raw water transmission pipeline; a new water treatment plant located at Tono; 67 km of new transmission pipelines to transport drinking water from the Tono water treatment plant to the supply areas in Navrongo, Bolgatanga, and Paga; 50 km new distribution network to transport drinking water to consumers in Navrongo, Bolgatanga and Paga; and new elevated reservoir.

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This is in addition to rehabilitation of the existing Voa Water Treatment Plant, which was built approximately 70 years ago for improved water transmission and distribution to Bongo and its environs; and provision of 400 standpipes.

Expectations for the project 

Once operational, the Tono Water Treatment Plant is expected to produce 10,000 m3 (2 million gallons) of treated water that will be supplied daily to Bolgatanga, Navrongo, Paga, Zuarungu, and surrounding towns and communities.

It will be owned and operated by the Ghana Water Company Limited, a utility company, fully owned by the state, responsible for potable water supply to all urban communities in the West African country.