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Ghana to construct five critical roads in the Upper West Region

The government of Ghana has announced plans to construct five critical in Upper West Region. Mr Amoako Atta, the Minister for Roads and Highways, disclosed the plans and said the development will be under the government’s Critical Roads Project.

“The President has directed the Minister of Finance to raise special funding to fund these critical projects across the country. We will also concentrate on routine maintenance of the roads all-year-round to make the roads serviceable in all three categories,” said Mr Amoako Atta.

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Upper West Region road project

The roads to be constructed include; the 31km Wa-Bulenga-Yala road, the 56km Fian-Issa-Wahabu road, the 41km Wahabu-Funsi-Yala road, the 20km Wechiau-Ga road and the 22km Wa-Han road.

Upon completion the roads are expected to open up the region for massive economic activity, thereby improving the lives of the people in the area. Additionally, all gravelled roads totalling about 5,200km in the Region would be graded before the onset of the rains in June 2020.

The Upper West Region has a total road network of 3,607km out of which about 540km was paved and 344km at both gravelled and earth stages. The Roads Minister further disclosed that 61% of roads under the Ghana Highways Authority (GHA) were good, while 38% are fair and 1% are in poor conditions. Under the Department of Urban Roads on the other hand, 30% of its roads were considered to be good, 7% fair and 63% are in poor conditions.

There are approximately 72,000km of roads in the country out of which 23% had been asphalted with 39% in good condition while the rest are classified as fair or poor.


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