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More power to be generated from newly constructed gas plant in Ghana

About 3,000MW will be generated from newly constructed Atuabo gas plant in Ghana, Petroleum Minister Emmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah has announced.

Speaking during the Consumer Week launch  Buah said that indigenous gas also known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) that will be produced will help greatly in saving lives in line with the year’s celebration topic “Use LPG, save lives”

The Atuabo gas plant in Ghana has been supplying over 100 million scf of gas to sustain the Aboadze thermal plant. However, Atuabo also produced gas as a by-product to encourage the nation’s consumption of the LPG.

About 180,000 metric tonnes of LPG from the Atuabo Processing Plant is currently on distribution across the country where as the Petroleum Ministry is currently commissioning a US$70bn project to produce 170 million scf of gas in the country.

The country’s LPG companies are urged to embrace the business opportunities that come along in the sector through expansion of their supply outlets, especially in the rural communities. So far, the Ministry has circulated 20,000 cylinders and stoves in eight districts to offer support for the consumption of the LPG, however, additional 20,000 cylinders and stoves are expected to be distributed by the end of this year.

The Rural LPG Promotion Programme beneficiaries are urged to maintain the use of LPG and not to go back to using firewood and charcoal in order to achieve the initiative agenda, the use of LPG will however minimize fire accidents that are normally associated with the use of fire and charcoal.
National Petroleum Authority (NPA) Chief Executive, Moses Asaga confirmed the initiative objective of promoting the use of LPG in the 3 communities in the northern region of the country, being the areas with less 3% of the total national consumption of LPG.

3,000 megawatts to be generated from newly constructed gas plant in Ghana


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