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Ground breaking for Hanwha Cimarron’s Opelika Manufacturing Facility

The groundbreaking for Hanwha Cimarron‘s  Opelika Manufacturing Facility took place recently in Alabama. This $130 million manufacturing facility is intended to produce carbon fiber-wrapped, hydrogen storage tanks and also provide 261 jobs on completion.

At the ceremony, David Jeon, the CEO of Hanwha Cimarron said  the company was happy to have their new manufacturing facility located in Opelika. Jeon also shared the company’s vision and talked about the future of the Opelika Manufacturing Facility. He said the new manufacturing facility would give the company more room to grow in the carbon overwrap pressure vessel industry and also expand the reach of their services, which include catering to the needs of aerospace, drone, defense, marine, rail, on-vehicle, gas transport and ground storage solutions

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Governor Kay Ivey  and Mayor Gary Fuller also graced the occasion. They spoke highly of the project and commended the efforts of the company.

Ivey described the new Opelika Manufacturing Facility as an exciting new venture coming to Alabama. He also commended Hanwha Cimarron for bringing this development to the state, which has the potential to create new high paying jobs for the hard-working citizens of Opelika. 

Ivey added, “Our partnership with Hanwha Cimarron starts symbolically today with a groundbreaking ceremony, but I know that this relationship will grow and thrive in the future as the company puts down roots in Sweet Home Alabama.”

Fuller also praised Hanwha Cimarron for their decision to invest in the city and he said, “We’re honored to welcome yet another world-class company to Opelika.”

Hanwha Cimarron is now set to begin construction on its Opelika Manufacturing Facility and the company has come a long way since the time they received their approval from the  Opelika City Council. The company is now working with AIDT,  the primary workforce development agency in Alabama, to recruit suitable candidates for leadership positions in the  facility and they intend to start recruitment in spring 2022.

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