Groundbreaking for the $3 billion US Steel Plant in Mississippi county

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A groundbreaking ceremony was held recently for a new $3 billion US Steel Plant in Mississippi County. Those in attendance included David Burritt, the U.S. Steel President and CEO; Governor Asa Hutchinson; along with other local and state officials. The event took place at the Big River Steel campus, which is owned by the U.S. Steel. At the event Governor Hutchinson mentioned that this new plant was the largest economic development in the history of Arkansas and a game changer, which would have a lasting impact on the future of the state. 

Hutchinson was also optimistic about the possibility of the US Steel Plant project attracting automotive plants to the state, as steel is an essential component needed for the construction of automobiles, as well as other appliances, and construction projects. Burritt was also quite keen on this possibility, when he was asked about it. He said it would be beneficial having a partner or customer in close proximity, as this would lower transportation costs and improve collaboration.

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New US Steel Plant to produce 75% less carbon emissions and get LEED certified

Burritt shared more details with the media about the environmental benefits of the new US Steel Plant and other great features of the project. Burritt pointed out that the new mill would be high tech and state-of-the-art; designed to produce 75% less carbon emissions than the regular traditional mill. He said the company intends to get the mill LEED certified and also has plans of eliminating carbon emissions by 2040.

The new US Steel Plant will be used in combination with the second mill on the Big River Steel campus and these two plants have a combined capacity of 6.3 million tons per year. According to Burritt the new steel plant will provide technologically and environmentally responsible employment opportunities for the residents of the state. These jobs will consist of 700 full-time and 200 contract positions, with annual salaries above $100,000; several other supply chain and temporary jobs in construction will also be made available through this project. Construction on the new steel plant will be rounded up by 2024.