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Groundbreaking of the Martin Truex Jr Foundation Center in Huntersville

A $2.4 million Pediatric Emergency Center named the Martin Truex Jr Foundation Center broke ground recently in Huntersville; according to the developer, Novant Health, this 5,000-square-foot space will contain nine beds which will be gotten from the already existing 32-bed emergency department at the Huntersville Medical Center. The new pediatric center is expected to become operational by Q2 of 2022.

The Pediatric Emergency Center was named after Martin Truex Jr Foundation, which was established for the purpose of raising the finances required to execute such pediatric units and integrative oncology clinics. Many NASCAR donors are involved in the development of this Pediatric Emergency Center and they are assisting with the building designs; with the aim of creating rooms with bright, colorful and dynamic designs that will showcase a child-friendly racing theme. The space also features a separate entrance for pediatric patients,  a nurse station and advanced medical equipment specifically designed to handle medical conditions of children.

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The president and chief operating officer at Huntersville Medical Center, Mike Riley mentioned that the project had been delayed by almost a year, due to disruptions caused by the pandemic such as early shutdowns, high patient numbers in the ED and delays in getting supplies. 

According to Ann Caulkins, the president of the Novant Health Foundation, limited finances also played a role in slowing down the development of the Martin Truex Jr Foundation, especially since Novant ended up using funds to help residents and employees struggling during the pandemic. Caulkins was excited about the progress made so far on this project and she pointed out that pediatric care is a cause everyone must support, as there is always a need for expansion or new equipment. Caulkins added, “This is a real start. It was a really exciting experience, and NASCAR rallied right around it with a lot of energy and a lot of passion.”

Riley also spoke on the benefits health care offered at the Martin Truex Jr Foundation Center for children. He made comparisons between the regular sterile ER rooms, which children found scary and the colorful rooms which were designed to be welcoming to children. “Compare that to walking into a room where there’s race cars on the wall or it looks like you’re in the pit or it looks like you’re in the stands. That alone will make the kids feel a lot better,” Riley said.

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