Hyderabad Regional Ring Road project receives 20,000 crores boost

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The Hyderabad Regional Ring Road project has officially received a funding investment of 20,000 crores from the Centre. These funds are a part of over 1 lakh crore the center has committed to investing in upcoming and ongoing highway projects.

The Hyderabad Regional Ring Road project will be undertaken as part of phase 1 of the Bharatmala Pariyojana program. The proposed 359-kilometer project will stretch along the NH-161. It will pass through the areas of, the Sanareddy-Narsapur-Tupran-Gajwel-Yadagirrigutta-Choutuppal section.

As part of the project, the National Highways Authority (NHAI) of India will develop the access-controlled expressway in 2 parts, which will be northern and southern. The northern half of the project will span a total length of 164 kilometers approximately. Meanwhile, the 182-kilometer southern half will connect Ibrahimpatnam, Kandukur, Amangal down through to Shankarpally, and lastly, Sangareddy.

At an estimate, its total cost is noted to be well about Rs 17,000 crore. 50% of the project’s total cost will be catered to by the central government while the remaining 50% will be taken care of by the state.

Expectations for the Hyderabad Regional Ring Road project

Upon completion, the 6-lane road will help support the connection of a total of 6 districts around the city of Hyderabad. Additionally, the road will serve as a link for national highways, including NH 44, NH765, NH 65, and NH 163.

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As a result, it will facilitate the transportation of goods as well as commuters. Furthermore, the project will immensely contribute to the development of the region. Additional benefits that the project will add to the region include more employment opportunities alongside an increase in industrial emergence.

The Hyderabad Regional Ring Road is considered to be a prime reflection of India’s efforts toward increasing the length of national highways. An official report revealed that between 1947 and 2014, the total length of national highways was 2,500 kilometers. However, between 2014 and 2022, the total length doubled by another 2,500 kilometers.