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Ibn Hammad Dam Construction in Jordan Complete

The Jordan Valley Authority (JVA),  a government agency in Jordan tasked with carrying out socio-economic development of Jordan’s side of the Jordan Valley, has announced the completion of the construction of Ibn Hammad Dam, in the southern Jordan Valley.

Carried out by Marwan Ahmad Alkurdi & Part. Co. Ltd, one of the leading construction companies in Jordan, in partnership with Enex Contracting Corporation, a leading engineering, and general contracting firm, offering integrated, comprehensive planning, design, and build solutions for a broad range of construction and engineering projects, in a total number of 810 contractual days. 

The total cost of the project stands at US$ 74.7M, of which US$ 10.6M was funded by the Treasury. The rest of the funds were funded by the Arab Potash Company, the eighth largest potash producer worldwide by volume of production and the sole producer of potash in the Arab World.

Ibn Hammad Dam capacity and use

At a height of 71 meters and a crest length of 320 meters, the Ibn Hammad Dam has a total capacity of four million cubic meters. Water from the dam will be supplied to the residents of the Tafileh governorates as well as the residents of the southern Karak.

It will also be used to provide water for industrial and agricultural uses s per an agreement signed between the Arab Potash Company and the Ministry states that the Ministry will provide 2.5mcm per year for industrial use for 12 years at preferential prices.

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In addition to the provision of and access to drinking water, the Secretary-General of Jordan Valley Authority said that the Ibn Hammad Dam would also be crucial for the development of the surrounding land and recharge underground water.

Noteworthy, the Ibn Hammad Dam Construction completion officially indicates that the total capacity of the Kingdom’s 24 damns has been increased to 285.26 million cubic meters.

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