ICC approves US$18m for major road construction projects in Illinois

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The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) has approved funds for major road construction projects amounting to US$12 millionin Grade Crossing Protection Funds (GCPF) and US$6 million in Multi-Modal Transportation Bond Fund funds. This is part of Governor JB Pritzker’s bipartisan Rebuild Illinois Capital Bill, which would help the City of Decatur pay for the building of a road bridge along Brush College Road over Norfolk Southern Railway Company track. The funding will also be used to pay for the construction of gates and median barriers at the Illinois Central Railroad Company’s Faries Parkway 291386B highway-rail grade crossing.

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” This US$18 million will relieve traffic congestion and improve safety for Decatur residents, making it simpler for them to travel to work, school, and other aspects of their daily life. I’m pleased to bring this success to Decatur as just another example of how Rebuild Illinois is reshaping the area “Governor JB Pritzker stated. The authorized projects address safety hazards raised by the vicinity of two at-grade crossings within a few feet of a busy road intersection in Decatur, close to numerous big industrial complexes, including Archer-Daniels Midland. Because there are no gates, automobiles can attempt to “beat the train” without any physical hindrance, and railway operations at these crossings are regularly halted.

Commentary on the ICC approved road projects

“As a Decatur resident, I am quite aware with these crossings and how dangerous the situation can be for motorists who are annoyed by having to stop and wait for extended amounts of time to cross due to trains obstructing the path. The ICC prioritizes this project, and this funding will go a long way toward assisting the City of Decatur in installing much-needed protections at these high-traffic crossings with a long history of train-vehicle collisions “Michael T. Carrigan, Commissioner of Commerce for the State of Illinois, stated.