Ijaw leaders hail construction of gas project in Adagbabiri

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The President of Ijaw National Congress (INC), Professor Okaba, has hailed the construction of the proposed gas project in Adagbabiri. The project consist of a Gas Processing Plant and Embedded Power.

Okaba who spoke at the project’s ground-breaking ceremony over the weekend noted that the decision of Obodofei Integrated Services to site the project in Ijaw land is evidence that the Ijaws are not lazy. Rather, the Nigerian State only denies them opportunities to create their own wealth.

He argues that it is regrettable that the Ijaw people have been classified as criminals by the federal government. As a result of their demands for resource management and control.

He praised Mr. Pius Wareyai, Chairman and CEO of the company, for altering the narrative by paving the way for the industrialisation of the Ijaw country through the construction of a gas plant in an Ijaw community.

The INC President promised the partners and investors that the Ijaw people will defend and protect the facility. And claim it as their own because they are aware of the advantages that will result from the project and that they are normally peaceful.

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Remarks on the proposed gas project in Adagbabiri

Okaba said, “I just want to convey that the Ijaw people are thrilled with this most recent progress. We’re here today to honor local know-how and dedication to progress. We’re here because one of us decided to change the narrative. Due to the way the Nigerian government has stolen, exploited, denied us of, and raped us of our God-given resources, the Ijaw people have historically been identified with being restless, kidnappers, oil bunkers, and other unpleasant attributes. They labeled us criminals because we sought resource management and control.”

“The Ijaw country may now industrialize thanks to Pius Wareyai. Although Pius is not the only individual in his field, he has made a conscious decision to stand out in a way that we can all emulate.  I want to express my gratitude in particular to the NNPC, the foreign partners, and the delegation from other federal parastatals who saw fit to support or partner with this great program,” he continued.

In his speech, the Chairman and CEO of Obodofei Integrated Services, Mr Pius Wareyai, said he was led by God to cite the project in the Adagbabiri community. And expressed the assurance that the gas project in Adagbabiri when completed will bring development to the area.