Implementation of 67km AgonaNkwanta-Tarkwa road project in Ghana well underway

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Mr. George Mireku Duker, a representative for Tarkwa-Nsuaem, recently visited the 67km AgonaNkwanta-Tarkwa road project site. The M/S Rango-Gabriel Cuoto Consortium is in charge of carrying out the project. The project will connect Tarkwa, a significant economic center in Ghana, with Takoradi, a port city, and the national highway N1, which runs from Ghana to Cote d’Ivoire.

The Western, Ashanti, Western North, and Central areas would also be connected. Additionally, the productive path for transporting gold, manganese, cocoa, bauxite, and timber to Takoradi would be established.

After the sod was cut in September 2021, Engr. Eben Gyampo revealed that it took engineers some time to complete the design process before receiving approval in July of this year for the construction to start.

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Overview of the 67km AgonaNkwanta-Tarkwa road project

He said that in two and a half months, the contractor had completed the drainage work in Tarkwa’s Nsuaem. As well as Wassa Simpa, Wassa Agona, and Effuanta. Mr. Gyampo added that there were also ongoing earthworks at WassaAgona and from the Apemanim end in Tarkwa.

He explained, “Major tasks completed include around 2 km of drainage, of which we have completed about 18%. We have finished two months of the 36-month project for 95 million euros funded by Deutche Bank AG Frankfurt, Germany. Now, we have fewer than two years left to finish the work.”

The camp at WassaSimpa would create the concrete for drains and the asphalt for the entire project, Mr. Gyampo continued.

The AgonaNkwanta-Tarkwa road project was pushed for on the floor of Parliament, according to Mr. Duker. He also emphasized that the government was keen to witness the project’s success. Mr. Duker acknowledged that obstacles like proximity to gravel supplies and the crash program at Appiatse had affected progress. However, he promised that all parties involved would work so that the AgonaNkwanta-Tarkwa road project could be completed successfully.

He recalled a time during President Kufuor’s administration when earlier attempts to have the Tarkwa road rebuilt encountered significant setbacks. when the road started to deteriorate as a result of the base materials not being certified.

This time, Mr. Duker noted that the Ghana Highway Authority has taken appropriate measures to ensure the road’s durability. He was happy when the builders consented to start from the ends of the Tarkwa, Effuanta, and WassaAgona as well. This is to ease community concerns and the burden on the government.