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Implementation of Los Angeles Cypress Equity Investments Echo Park Multifamily Project to Begins

The implementation of Los Angeles Cypress Equity Investments Echo Park Multifamily Project is set to begin soon.

Cypress Equity Investments (CEI) is set to begin constructing a new multifamily residential complex in Echo Park soon. This comes after the developer,  Cypress Equity Investments (CEI), obtained a difficult approval for the project from the city. CEI received building permits from the Department of Building and Safety for a new project at 2225 Sunset Boulevard.

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The new seven story structure obtained approval from the City Planning Commission in May 2021. It will include 176 studio, one-, two-, three-, four-, and five bedroom units. In a podium and basement garage, 203 parking spots are also planned.

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The project is being designed by Ottinger Architects, and in drawings, it has a modern facade with metal panels and wood panelling. On Elsinore Street to the north, the structure would reduce in height to a four story profile. Although the project will not include ground floor retail space, plans call for live and work units along Sunset Boulevard with street frontage.

According to the conclusions of an environmental study that the Los Angeles City Council approved, construction on 2225 Sunset is anticipated to last for around 28 months.

More on the Los Angeles Cypress Equity Investments Echo Park multifamily project in Los Angeles

“The floor plates function as up- and out extrusions from the topography. Each floor plate is represented by an uninterrupted band of balconies or cornices. They wrap around the structure, and the different floor angles add movement and life.”reads a story about a design. The proposed project would join a few other similar multi family residential buildings that have also been proposed close to Sunset and Alvarado, including a mixed use complex that will go up where the Taix Restaurant once stood. The City Council recently gave final approval to that project. The project entitlements for 2225 Sunset contain incentives for transit oriented communities. This allows for a building to be taller and denser than is typically allowed by zoning regulations.

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