Indian Railways builds world?s tallest pier bridge, Manipur.

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Indian Railways has begun the construction of the world’s tallest pier bridge that is one of the many projects in North East India as India makes moves to improve connectivity to the region whilst paying keen attention to connecting the most remote areas of the seven sister Indian states. The move to construct the bridge is going to provide efficient and effective rail connectivity to the region. It is expected to be constructed across river Ijai near Noney is being seen as an engineering marvel because of the tallest pier height in the project will be of 141 meters. It will surpass the existing record for the world’s tallest pier bridge that stands at 139 meters in Mala – Rijeka viaduct that of Montenegro in Europe.

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The pier bridge is a segment of Jiribam-Tupul-Imphal new BG line project that is going to be 111 Km. The total length of the bridge will be 703 meters. The piers of the bridge are to be built using hydraulic augers, the tall piers needed specially designed “slip-form technique” to ensure efficient and continual construction. A senior official from Indian Railways gave a statement that the steel girders used in the construction of the bridge are pre-fabricated in a workshop, transported in segments, and erected at the site by Cantilever launching scheme. ‘Self-erecting’ electric lifts are used at each pier for the safe and speedy conveyance of men and materials to the top.” The project will have a total of 45 tunnels and tunnel number 12 will have a total length of 10.280 kilometers, making it the longest tunnel in the North East. After the completion, the line will help provide railway connectivity from Manipur to the rest of the country.

Previously, the Indian Railways tweeted that it is building the world’s highest railway bridge over river Chenab, connecting Kashmir Valley with the rest of India. This bridge will be built on the Katra-Banihal rail line in the Reasi District. The height of this bridge will be 359 meters above the Chenab river bed and will also be 30 meters higher than the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.