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Jabal Hafit Gardens Project in Abu Dhabi: 146 Gardens Delivered

The Dubai World Islands Project
The Dubai World Islands Project

The construction works of a total of 146 gardens have been completed under Jabal Hafit Gardens Project in Abu Dhabi, the implementation of which is a part of a plan by the Department Of Municipalities and Transport, that includes meeting the requirements for the community that are present within certain areas. 

The gardens are designed to be compatible with all categories of society including but not limited to community parks, family gardens, and open gardens alongside walking passages. The gardens also feature fitness tools, local trees, green surfaces, and a whole range of scattered passages fitted with lighting as well as other important features including umbrellas and seats.

Overview of the Jabal Hafit Gardens Project

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Developed by Al Ain City Municipality, the Jabal Hafit Gardens Project according to Raja Mohammed Al Shamsi, the senior planning engineer, currently has a total of 146 gardens. These are inclusive of 51 of Barahat as well as 51 open areas alongside 11 linear spaces that are located right next to the walking passages.

There are also 17 open areas and one community park that is located next to the residential complexes in addition to a children’s play area accompanied by some fitness tools in all of the gardens. Raja also added that the play yards are characterized by their diversity and suitability for all ages as well as all groups of the community.

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Sports areas are present as a way of encouraging the community to exercise as part of their strategy of ensuring the community improves their health and lives in general. Al-Ain Municipality has also developed an integrated and periodic plan for maintenance of all the gardens as well as to ensure that they meet all the needs of the community. 

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