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Japan approves US $217,780 grant for construction of Duala Market in Liberia

The Government of Japan has approved a US $217,780 grant for the commencement of phase I of the Modern Duala Market Project; a modern market project located in the Monrovia suburb of Duala. Phase I include: fencing, lightening, construction of reservoir and pit latrines.

According to a statement from the Foreign Ministry, the objective of the construction is to decongest the corridor for easy movement of goods and people and also accelerate economic activities among the local population and its immediate surroundings.

Phase II of the project

The statement also disclosed that the second phase of the project entails construction of a three storey market building which will have a parking lot, office space and a concrete garbage disposal site.

The Modern Duala Market will accommodate a little over 5,000 marketers. It will be financed by the Japanese Counterpart Value Fund currently being managed and operated by the Japanese Counterpart Valued Fund Secretariat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Liberia and Japan partnership

The governments of Liberia and Japan recently agreed to strengthen cooperation and international relations as well as commit to infrastructural developments. President Weah described Japan as a true partner to African development with Liberia being no exception. “Liberia is a testimony of the many development initiatives being undertaking by the Government and people of Japan”, the president said.

This is not the only project the Japanese Government has links to in Liberia. The Japanese government through Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA, is intervening in the areas of power, road reconstruction and capacity building of health workers. JICA has also been supportive through the United Nation Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), in helping vulnerable people through vocational training and jobs creation.

Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


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