Johnsonville Housing Units for Liberian Returnees Close to Completion

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The Johnsonville housing units for Liberian returnees are almost complete according to the Liberia Refugee Repatriation and Resettlement Commission (LRRRC).

The commission, therefore, assured Liberians who have returned from Ghana and other African nations that the government will help them provide suitable housing units when they return home. Since the Liberian civil war came to an end, some indigenes who had sought asylum in neighboring nations have fought to get back home.

Overview of the project for the construction of Johnsonville Housing Units for Liberian Returnees

The project is being carried out under the supervision of LRRRC and it is being funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The project entails the construction of prefabricated housing units, each of which has six rooms and a water tower. In addition, power will be provided to give the formerly displaced people a life worth living, although temporarily.

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Contractor Madison Karr, who works for Super Incorporated, expressed his joy at the Johnsonville site. He stated that he is in charge of a team of Liberians who are constructing temporary homes for their countrymen who are returning home after spending many years seeking refuge due to the civil war.

Karr did not reveal the sum LRRRC is paying for the work. However, he did say that they have come to a deal that is in the best interests of everyone. He said that Future Builders Incorporated, another construction firm, subcontracted his company to erect the prefab housing units.

The units are built utilizing iron and especially zinc rather than tarpaulins or blocks. The purpose of employing iron zinc, according to LRRRC Executive Director Rev. Fetus Logan, is to assure durability.