Kaduna cottage processing centers to be constructed to tackle post-harvest losses

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Plans are underway for the development of a total of 15 Kaduna cottage processing centers. The centers will be developed under the Kaduna State agro-processing, productivity enhancement, and livelihood improvement support projects (APPEALS).

Muhammad Bashir Amin, APPEALS communication officer, made this announcement recently in a press release in Kaduna. On the sidelines, Bashir Amin applauded the state government for its efforts to increase agricultural wealth for the state’s citizens.

Amin said that the centers are intended to reduce post-harvest losses and address the low income-of APPEALS farmers. These are reportedly the major issue facing the agricultural sector in Nigeria.

Kaduna cottage processing centers to reduce post-harvest losses and address the low income of APPEALS farmers

Kaduna cottage processing centers will reportedly be built in relation to the three value chains under the Kaduna APPEALS project. These chains are dairy, ginger, and maize products.

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The cottage processing centers for maize have the capacity to efficiently process 50,000 tons of maize annually. The milk collection facilities on the other hand will aid in milk preservation for later use. Additionally, they will ensure that there is enough milk available to manufacture dairy products like cheese and yogurt.

Another crucial crop for Nigeria’s economic growth, according to the APPEALS communication officer, is ginger. This Amin said will become more widely available as processing and packaging improve.

“Another advantage of the cottage processing centers is the establishment of employment opportunities so as to support economic growth and development. The APPEALS Project has determined that organized groups need instruction on how to use and maintain the machinery in the cottage processing centers,” concluded the APPEALS communication officer.

The centers, in addition to housing equipment capable of handling post-harvest goods, will contain equipment for storage, cleaning, sorting, processing, and packing.