Kenya to construct a US $60k cultural centre in Lamu County

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Kenya is planning to construct a US $60k cultural centre in Lamu County in the course of this year in a bid to promote different cultures in the region.

County Executive for Tourism, Trade and Industrialization, Mr. Dismas Mwasambu confirmed the reports and said that the centre, which will be built at Mokowe, will be used to promote the cultures of the various communities living in Lamu.

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“We have set aside US $60k for the establishment of the cultural centre at Mokowe. We are in discussions with the Lamu Museums and LTA on how to develop the centre for the benefit of the Lamu people. The centre will bring national cohesion among tribes and also act as a tourist attraction site,” said Mr Mwasambu.

Mr. Mwasambu said the centre will also be used as an attraction site for tourists visiting the region and that the idea to construct the cultural centre is part of the county government’s plan to revive the tourism industry which has suffered over the past five years following the Mpeketoni terror attack in June 2014.He further pointed out that the centre will also act as a unifying factor for the various communities living in Lamu.

Communication centre

Further to the cultural centre, plans are also underway to develop a special communication centre that seeks to help tourists navigate their way around the region. According to Mwasambu, the centre is being set up in Manda Island and will help to document details of all tourists visiting Lamu and keep the tourist sector in check.

“The communication centre will also help tourists quickly acquaint themselves with the region for ease of movement whenever they visit. The centre will also offer details and directions to various tourist attraction sites in the county in order to make the stay of any visitor more memorable and easier,” he said.