AfDB to provide US $2.7m loan to boost water distribution in Migori, Kenya

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The African Development Fund (AfDB) is set to provide US $2.7m loan to boost water distribution in Migori county, Kenya. According to the County Chief water officer Mr. Fidelis Majiwa, the funds will go a long way in helping Migori Water Services Company (MIWASCO) to address persistent water shortages in Migori and Kehancha towns.

“I am confident that with the acquisition of the AfDB money, MIWASCO would be able to improve and increase the water distribution lines in order to reach more customers with their services. The money will assist the company to reach more people and boost water pumping and treatment levels, in order to provide enough and quality water to the people,” said the chief officer,” he said.

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Boosting water distribution in Migori and Kehancha towns

He further added that, US $1.8m of the secured funds will go into bettering water services in Suna East and West constituencies that extends into Migori town, while the remaining US $912,408.75 will be used in expanding services at Kehancha town in Kuria West Sub-county.

According to the Mr. Majiwa, water distribution has been seriously affected within the two towns following the destruction of waterlines by tractors working on the Kisii/Isebania highway. “We have had constant water disconnections in the past months as a result of destruction to our service lines. However, I assure the people of concerted efforts to arrest the situation soon, following an elaborate work plan already in motion to rectify the issues,” he said.