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Concerns raised over delay to construct Bridge at Ferry Channel in Kenya

Kenyan government has been called upon to finalize the plans of construction the long awaited bridge at a Ferry Channel in Kenya.

According to Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho the national government has delayed construction of the Likoni channel despite the fact that the funds for it had been set aside for the last financial year.

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Mr Joho said that the government has been shifting firms that are looking into carrying the project and so far the French government has already showed interest to boost the project financially despite the fact that the government haven’t given them any approval to work on the project.

Speaking at the Aga Kgan Hospital in Mombasa during the signing of an agreement between Aga Khan Health Services Kenya and Agence Française de Développement (AFD) over last week the goerbor said that he will still push for the multi-million dollar project to kick off before the electioneering time which is few months ago.

“A study and design was done by a French firm on the bridge. In fact I have a letter in my office on the same. But the national government went elsewhere…effectively bringing the plan to a grind,” he said.

The governor added that the government has been engaging various firms from Japan and structural firms such as Katahira & Engineers International, which began the survey and committed to completing the first phase in July 2016 and the second one in February 2017; but has not done so.

The intention to erect a bridge is to ease congestion at the channel, which is a major problem.

Likoni ferry channel is struck by perpetual congestion with an average of 300,000 commuters and 3,000 vehicles using the facility daily.

He added that if the project kicks off it will ensure that the transportation of goods in the coastal town is easier and much more cheaper than now hence boosting the economic status of the region.

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