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Construction of a new France Embassy and Residence in Kenya: Embassy calls for building contractors to express interest

The Embassy of France in Kenya has called for reputed and qualified building contractors to apply for interest for construction competition of the new Embassy and Residence in Nairobi. The level of construction works will require meeting LEED environmental certification.

According to the tender released, the Embassy of France, through the France Ministry of Foreign and International Development, calls for interest for construction works for the new French Diplomatic Compound to be built along Peponi Gardens Road in Westlands in the Nairobi region – Kenya.

The existing building will have to be demolished before construction of the new French Diplomatic Compound. According to details released, 3 buildings will be constructed on a sole site spanning 20 000 square meters.

The first will be Ambassador of France Residence building, a 2 storey building spanning a 730 square meters in surface area and a annexes (Staff Quarters).

The second building to be constructed will be the Embassy of France, a 2 storey building and a basement, spanning a 2500 square meters in surface area. The other will be a French Guards building, a 1 double storey house spanning a total of in surface area 220 square meters.

Realized with concrete structure, the new France Embassy and Residence buildings’ facades will be covered with wooden strips according to released details.

Qualified contractors will also undertake construction of necessary infrastructure to necessitate functioning of the embassy, alongside the new France Embassy and Residence. This will include construction of the outer walls, utilities and parking. The works tendered will also involve plot landscaping, and enlargement of the main access road that accesses the plot.

The deadline of expression of interests is October 24th this year, and further details on when the tender documents are available, as well as other details can be found at http://www.ambafrance-ke.org/IMG/pdf/AAPC-EN_FM2.pdf


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