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Construction of bypass roads in Meru, Kenya to be completed by December this year

Construction of multi-million bypass roads in Meru town, Kenya is set to be completed by December this year. According to the Director of Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), Eng. Abdul Rashid the US $28m projects funded by the Government of Kenya together with the World Bank, are collectively 86% complete.

Individually, the eastern bypass is approximately 95% complete while the Western bypass stands at 76%. A total amount of US $22m has already been paid out to date for the implementation of the 20km roads project.

Challenges slowing down the project

Compensation for owners of pieces of land where the roads would be constructed and the presence of infrastructural facilities e.g. water pipes and electric poles are some of the challenges experienced during the execution of the project. A little bit of delays are also being experienced on the construction of bridges.

The KURA director assured the area residents that once the bridges on the Eastern bypass are finalized, the remaining parts specifically the road beginning from Gitimbine through Irinda to Giantune; which seems to be causing worries, will be fully done.

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The idea behind the project

Basically, the aim of the new roads is to decongest Meru town. Currently, the municipality is experiencing severe traffic congestion along the B6 road because it is the major link to the centres within the town and all other neighboring towns.

Upon completion, the two bypasses will be used for redirection of traffic heading to Nanyuki, Isiolo, Maua, Ruiri and other suburbs of Meru town, as well as reduction of traffic loads on the B6 road going through the town Centre.

Additionally, the roads are intended to open up the town by increasing the possibilities of economic growth. The residents have already established estates along the projects for income generation.



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