Developers eye construction of luxury apartments in Kenya

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Developers are splashing billions to construct luxury apartments in Kenya in a bid to woo the ever expanding middle class who want such houses. In Nairobi’s leafy suburbs for instance, it is common to see several luxury apartment targeting the youthful buyers.

The luxury apartments in Kenya are fast becoming a darling for the middle class especially the youth and are poised to change the skyline of the city’s suburbs.

The rise of these units has not attracted only the  local working class but also lured high-ranking clientele such as diplomats.

After the completion of the Thika Superhighway in Kenya, the property boom along the superhighway is at its all-time high. In fact, the youthful middle class who want a more serene environment are now eying the area which is dotted with luxury apartment.

Several real estate firms are pouncing on the prevailing opportunity to reap big time. Sigimo Enterprises is one firm in Kenya that intends to greatly benefit from this demand for prestigious houses outside the capital Nairobi.

The firm has currently constructing Lenana Gardens at Ngong Hills Forest aimed at giving its clientele a serene and quite environment, yet its proximity to Nairobi Central Business District is a stone throw away.

Sigimo Enterprises believes that the multi-million dollar project that is also attracting investors from Dubai and South Africa will be completed in April this year.It comprises 216 apartments, an amazing view of the Ngong Forest and the Ngong Hills in Kenya.

Ms Zipporah Kamau of Mentor Group a firm which is managing the project says that it targets middle-income earners since its design is simple but has the elegance that will satisfy the expectations and demands of home owners.

It is a phenomenon that is expected to continue with the rise if the middle class in Kenya who can afford such apartments. On their part developers will be seeking to enhance their creativity in order to tap this lucrative market.