Exclusive railway bridge to be constructed over Nairobi National Park

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Exclusive Railway bridges are to be constructed over Nairobi National Park. Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) spokesman Paul Muya said that they intend to build the bridge that will have an entire length of up to nine kilometers.
The construction of the exclusive railway bridge over Nairobi national park is a move that conservationists have welcomed as a positive step for Kenya.
The railway line was intended to cut through the 117km2, from the port of Mombasa city to Nairobi which is exactly 45 square miles to the wilderness, where buffalo and rhinos roam just seven kilometers from the busy  city centre.
Land commission of Kenya, wildlife service and the national railways authorities, have decided to build long bridges stretching for potentially as much as nine kilometers over key parts of the park.
Paul Muya who is the KWS spokesman  said that their intention to construct the nine kilometer railway bridge should be taken seriously.
There is no particular information given for when the construction would kick off although the KWS said that the bridge will rise as high as 20m above ground level and at some point, to allow animals to cross beneath.
Paula Kahumbu, the maintenance activist and the head of Wildlife Direct campaign group, said that the bridge was the best option available.
She also said that altitude is an extremely inventive approach that will be a solution to future developments passing through wildlife areas.
An amount of $13.8bn was funded for the flagship Chinese railway construction project which was launched in Kenya in 2013. The construction is set to radically increase trade and boost Kenya’s economy.
But conservationists warned it threatened the park’s existence.

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  1. Poorly done article. Nairobi National Park is in Nairobi; 500 KMs from Mombasa. The bridge you refer to will be constructed in Nairobi – not Mombasa. Further, the bridge cannot be 20m above sea level! Nairobi is already 1600M above sea level. That bridge would be more than a kilometer and a half uderground!!! I guess you mean 20M above ground level???

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