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Infrastructural development project launched in Olkalau, Kenya

An urban infrastructural development project has been launched in Olkalau town for the improvement of the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities in the capital of Nyandarua County, Kenya.

This project together with several others across the country are funded by World Bank at a tune of US $300m and implemented by the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works, under the Kenya Urban Support Programme whose objective is to establish and strengthen urban institutions to deliver improved infrastructure and services in participating counties.

The programme conforms to the urbanization component of the Second Medium Term Plan (MTP2) 2013-17 under vision 2030 which aims to facilitate a sustainable urbanization process through an integrated urban and regional planning management framework of Kenyan urban centers and towns.

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The Ol kalau town infrastructure development project

The Ol kalau town infrastructure development project includes construction of a wholesale market, 134 market stalls, 68 shops and installation of 120 solar street lights.

It will also comprise of the construction of a 500-meter long storm water drainage tunnel and a couple of designated parking spaces plus walkways covering approximately 8,000 meters within the town and its neighboring areas.

The county boss, Governor Francis Kimemia, while speaking during the inauguration of a new municipal board to manage the town commented on this project saying that these kind of transformative projects will forever change the face of this town, which is now a municipality. “Every effort will be put in place to make it business-friendly and conducive for wealth generation and job creation.”

He also assured residents that all their opinions will be put into consideration and priority will be given to locals during job allocation in the execution of the project.

The project came after the town received a charter to upgrade it to municipal status.


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