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Kenya Defence Forces sets up private public partnership for 11,000 housing units

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) is seeking private investors to help fund, build and operate housing for its personnel. This is the first time Kenyan military has turned to private investors under the private public partnership (PPP) model to take part in its projects. It has for years undertaken and financed it’s own projects.

According to KDF, the Ministry of Defence is faced with a shortfall of accommodation for the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF). This is particularly the case for the non-commissioned officer cadre of the KDF. “The immediate need is estimated at 11,200 residential units. Owing to funding constraints, the Ministry of Defence intends to resolve the housing challenge partly through the use of the PPP project delivery model,” said KDF.

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KDF personnel housing

KDF will set aside US $9.2m for the first phase of the project which will see the construction of 2,340 residential units. The rest of the funds for the other phases are expected to come from private investors.

Once the PPP project is complete, the private investors will rent out the houses to KDF for 15 years, allowing them to recoup their capital running into millions of dollars over the period after which the lease will be terminated and ownership reverted to KDF.

Among the chosen sites for the housing project is the Roysambu military base along the Nairobi-Thika highway where 15 acres of land will be provided for building of 500 residential units. In the Nanyuki military base, a total of 737 residential units are expected to be constructed on 300 acres of land. In Lanet military base, a total of 125 units will be put up on 21 acres while in Gilgil’s Kenyatta Barracks 610 residential units will be put up.

Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


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