Kenya Power and Rwanda in power deal

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Kenya Power and Rwanda have entered a power agreement in which  Kenya power will commence exporting 30 MW of power to Rwanda as from early 2016, chief Executive Officer Dr. Ben Chumo has announced.

Chumo expressed confidence that the power purchase agreement reached with Rwanda will boost Kenya Power revenues.

“This program which would earn Kenya Power millions of revenue is on and a fortnight ago we were in Rwanda to confirm the state of their distribution network to ascertain whether they can absorb the additional power and hopefully in the next three months or so we shall be supplying them with 30MW,” said Dr. Chumo.

The power partnership between Kenya power and Rwanda is set to see Rwanda boost its electricity deficit in a nation that is struggling with inadequate power supply. Chumo added that in Kenya the power supply company will continue expanding its network to tame outages.

I a bid to improve quality of power supply in the country, Kenya Power has lined up 252 projects in their current business plan which is worth US$ 814m.

The company has a customer base of 3.9 million clients and by 2017 they hope to increase connectivity by 70 per cent before achieving a 100 per cent connectivity by 2020.

“We’re are focused at connecting at least one million customer per year and that is why today our company is rated as the fastest growing distribution company in the continent,” added Dr. Chumo.

Kenya Power owns and operates most of the electricity transmission and distribution system in the Kenya and sells electricity to over 2.6 million customers.