Kenya sets aside US$ 30.3m for automation of weighbridges

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The announcement was made on Monday this week by Transport and Infrastructure Cabinet Secretary, Michael Kamau, who also indicated that the move will improve movement of goods within the country and the greater East Africa. The automation of weighbridges will reduce the amount of time taken by trucks for clearance in various parts of the country.

Weighbridges are a measure to curb overloading of trucks that wreck the roads in the country, causing the Kenyan tax payers millions of shillings in road repair. The automation will also make the highways safer, reduce corruption, reduce the cost of transportation, and ultimately reduce the cost of goods for consumers.

High Speed Weigh in Motion (HSWIM) systems have already been installed in four weighbridges in Mlolongo, Gilgil, Webuye and Mariakani according to the Cabinet Secretary. The technology measures axle weights as a vehicle travels along the road.

These new devices ensure that weighing is only done at the weighbridges along the main streams when necessary or as prompted by the computer control systems.

Trucks with the required weight are allowed to drive through while those that are overloaded diverted into the weighbridge for static weighing. This is new since in the past, all trucks had to queue on the weighbridges causing delays. There are plans to install them in all weighbridges in the country.