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Kenya to construct 2000 affordable housing units

Nyandarua County government in Kenya has signed an agreement with the National Housing Corporation (NHC) to construct 2000 low-cost houses in the county in line with the country’s affordable housing agenda- Big four agenda.

Mr Kimemia, Nyandarua County Governor said the pact will be implemented devoid of the tendering bottlenecks because it is a government-to-government procurement that does not require competitive bidding.he further added that the housing fund will be sourced from development partners and kitties.

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Project overview

“There will be no need for competitive bidding because this will be a government to government project. The auditing arms of the central government and the county assembly will oversee the project to completion,” said Mr. Kimemia.

US $436,000 has already been paid for a feasibility study on the plan. The Governor said that  county’s technical teams are on the ground identifying the towns to host the projects, saying they will be based on improving the urbanization index that currently stands at about 20%.

Once the houses are set up, it’s estimated at least 10,000 people will benefit from the project. The units will be built in strategic towns and importance will be given based on the economic viability of the area. Construction of these units is set to begin by 2019.

New technology

OL Kalou will benefit the most because its center of the county’s administration. It will also house most county employees due to the fact that most of the county staff are currently live in neighboring counties.

Mr. Jackson Mwaura, the team leader of the project added that the construction will adhere to new technology and the skills will be transferred to the locals in order to increase environmental stewardship.

Nyandarua County came about as a result of being separated from Nyahururu town which was the main commercial hub. The county government is now building the main Town afresh.


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