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Kenya to construct US $197m incineration plant

Kenya is following in the footsteps of the Ethiopian government with plans of constructing US $197m incineration plant that will produce electricity energy out of waste from the famous Dandora landfill.

David Makori, Director of Environment in Nairobi County, confirmed the reports and said  that work on the power plant using waste from the Dandora landfill is scheduled to begin in June 2019 and more than 60 investors have expressed interest to lead the project.

“More than 60 investors have expressed interest, but we have preselected 26, and asked them to write a proposal detailing the technology they have and how they plan to implement it,” David Makori.

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40MW Incineration plant

Mr. David further explained that the selected company will be responsible for building the power plant with a 40MW power capacity. “We are looking for a company that will offer the best technology and that will have the financial means to do the job. In three months, we should be done with all the paperwork”.

The Kenyan authorities said they will follow Ethiopia’s Reppie waste-to -energy factory that was built by the British Cambridge Industries, and China National Electric Engineering Co (CNEEC), and has a capacity of 25 MW.

Dandora is the famous landfill located just 8 km from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. There had been previous plans to set up such a plant three years ago with the then authorities who entrusted the project to a German company, as part of a public-private partnership (PPP). The plan however did not pull through due to lack of land title on the land where the waste was to be dumped for absorption by the plant.


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