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Kenya to inaugurate a new sanitation system in Embu county

Kenya ‘s Embu county is set to inaugurate the new sanitation system set up with an aim of strengthen the city’s sanitation.

Embu Water and Sanitation Company (EWASCO), responsible for water management and sanitation in Embu City, announces the report and said that the new sanitation system is 70% complete and will be inaugurated by January 2019.

The project involves construction of 35 kilometres of sewers of different sizes has been. The sewers will channel the wastewater to a treatment plant in Mukangu, a district of Embu City. It will have a treatment capacity of 32,200 m3 of water per day. Along the pipes will be built 1000 access wells for visits and maintenance.

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Wastewater to a treatment plant

Areas projected to benefit from the system include Blue Valley, Dallas and Majimbo, in the districts of this city. According to Christopher Kamuruana, EWASCO’s Director of Operations, once completed, the new system will make it easier for people who use septic tanks to dispose of wastewater. An additional 5,000 people will be affected by the improvements.

“Wastewater disposal is a “nightmare” for them. Every six months or so, they are forced to rent emptying trucks, at a cost of between 5,000 and 10,000 shillings (between $48 and $97) to pump wastewater from septic tanks. Worse still, household waste is still collected by young people who bury it without precaution,” said Christopher.

Mr. Christopher Kamuruana added that the subsidy after completing the project within the time frame will be used to expand water capacity. This will be done by expanding the Mukangu which is their main reservoir to ensure that more households have water.


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