Kenya to release US$15.4m to curb water problem

Kenya to release US$15.4m to curb water problem

Kenya has announced plans to release US $15.4m to boost the water supply in the coming months before the rainy season. The move is aimed at taming the current water problem  in the country.

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According to the Cabinet Secretary for Water Eugene Wamalwa, the funds will be released towards the end of the month to benefit both humans and livestock.

In a press conference where the Cabinet Secretary for Treasury Mr. Henry Rotich, Mr. Willy Bett for Agriculture and Mr. Mwangi Kiunjuri in charge of Devolution said that the government was in talks to raise beyond US $91.5M that was initially set aside to downplay the deteriorating effects of the current drought.

Approximately 1.5 million people are faced with the water problem and require urgent assistance. The Cabinet Secretary said that much reliance was on the meteorologists to give constant updates on the situation to allow for restructuring of the budget.

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The government also has plans of reducing the distribution in relief food by at least 50%. This is all in a bid to avail more water to the people that will be able to last till the rainfall season. The amount is expected to cater for the up scaling of water trucking and storage for livestock, wildlife, people and rehabilitation of boreholes.

This news comes days after the Ndakaini dam dropped in water levels from 45% to 41% in the previous week forcing the government to seek alternative measures.



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