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Nakuru County in Kenya undertaking US $9.2m markets development plan

Nakuru County government in Kenya is currently undertaking a US $9.2m markets development plan to boost trade in the county. The government is in the process of building and upgrading markets across its 11 sub-counties.

According to Trade and Tourism executive Raymond Komen, The county government is constructing new markets, besides rehabilitating the old ones to spur the region’s economy and create employment opportunities. “We have seen the growth of the number of traders operating in our markets and that calls for more markets to be built,” he said.

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Markets in Nakuru County

Nakuru has about 70 operational markets, while others are at different stages of construction. In Naivasha sub-county, construction of the US $5.5m, three-storey Naivasha Wholesale market is underway. The first phase that was estimated to cost US $1.4m is now about 50% complete.

In Nakuru town, the county is refurbishing its largest and oldest markets; the Top Market and the Wakulima Wholesale and fresh produce market at a cost of US $460,617.23. The markets have been operating since the 1980s, hosting hundreds of traders.

Mr. Komen said that the county government has done additional roofing on walkways and slaughterhouse rehabilitation in Top Market, using a total of US $73,698.76 in the process. “The rehabilitation works are meant to restore the market to its former glory as a renowned retail and wholesale food market,” he added.

He further mentioned that the government will upgrade the market and turn it into a city-like market due to its proximity to the town centre; as the town gears towards attaining city status. The refurbishment will include modernisation of the chicken and fish slaughter houses, renovation of worktops and re-carpeting of the whole market. It will also entail painting and repairing of the roofing tops, electrification and repairing of the drainage system.

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