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Turkish firms eye East African construction industry

Top Turkish  firms in Turkey have set their sight on the booming  East African construction industry.

According to some of the companies that are in a four day Turkish fair at KICC in Nairobi the market is still green and they are looking into getting a share on the same.

The Turkish business community led by Turkish Ambassador to Kenya Deniz Eke who launched the fair on Friday said they are looking into popularizing their products in the East African market as well as get business.

Ambassador Eke said the deal would involve exploring ways to make the products locally and also ensure that they close many business deals as their products are of high quality.

Ambassador Eke who spoke at the KICC ballroom during the launch of the four-day Turkish Fair added that their presence in Kenya is a great deal as its economy stands out the best in the East African Market.

Eke added that all they want is to ensure that they need more of Turkish companies to ensure they explore the market.

“The East African construction industry is growing and there is need for us all to get involved” added Eke

Eke also added that most of the countries in East Africa have set aside huge funds for the construction industry of which is a green light to the companies looking into investing in the country” he added

In the same event Kenya’s Industrialization Director Erastus Kimuri said that the country is safe for any kind of development and there is need for great companies to ensure that they invest on the same.

Mr Kimuri added that they welcome the Turkish community into the construction industry of Kenya and East Africa.

The event was organized by Turkel Fair Organization which brought in 40 exhibitors in interior design, electrical cables, tiles, plumbing products, generators, doors among other construction materials.

Turkish firms eye East African construction industry


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