US$80m Water Pipeline to be constructed in Nairobi, Kenya

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The amount of water supplied to Nairobi residents is expected to increase to 140,000 cubic meters in the next two years. This is after the completion of installation of a new 11.7 km pipeline from Murang’a by 2017.

Athi Water Services Board chief executive Malaquen Milgo said that the project, which is being funded by the World Bank at a cost of US$80m, will commence as soon as the deal is signed.

The construction of the pipeline is expected to take a period of 40 months for it to be ready for use.Ndakaini dam is the major source of most Nairobi waters. The pipeline will offload water from Maragua, Gikigie and Irati rivers into Githika River which drains its waters into the dam.

Upon completion, the project will pave way for the construction of a water treatment plant in Kigoro, located a few meters from Ndakaini dam. The project is to be funded by the French Development Agency at an estimated cost of US$55m.

The projects are aimed at meeting the water deficit that is currently being experienced in Nairobi. Athi Water Services Board works hand in hand with Water Service Providers who handle operations and maintenance of developed water and sanitation infrastructure.