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Wind power plant in Kenya to be constructed

Construction of a US$44M wind power plant in Kenya is set to begin in Meru county. The project is spearheaded by Maralal Energy Limited.

Maralal Energy which is a privately-owned Kenyan firm disclosed that the money will be used to construct the wind farm whose electricity will be included in the national grid.

Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) and Bluesea Energy are also currently undertaking projects that will together have a 500MW output.

“Maralal Energy Limited intends to develop wind turbines to generate 60MW of electricity and supply to the national grid,” the firm notes in filings with the National Environment Management Authority (Nema).

“The proposed wind power plant in Kenya will have an inter-connection point to the Ketraco (Kenya Electricity Transmission Company) grid, whose sub-station is within two kilometres from the project site.”

The mega plant which will be set up in Buuri Constituency about eight kilometres south of Isiolo and 25km north of Meru town is expected to take up to 24 months to complete from the date of approval.

Maralal Energy Ltd is a privately-owned Kenyan firm that deals in “wind and solar” solutions.

KenGen, Kenya’s largest power generator is set to develop a 400MW wind power farm in Meru, adding to its growing portfolio of renewable energy sources.

The wind power project in Kenya shows continued effort by the country to look up to green energy for its power needs.


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