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King Faisal Hospital in Rwanda to undergo US $20m facelift

King Faisal Hospital in Rwanda is set to undergo US $20m facelift. King Faisal Hospital acting Chief Executive Dr Edgar Kalimba affirmed the report and said the upgrade has been on the pipeline for a number of years and was expected to kick off during the previous management under Oshen Group, whose contract government terminated last year in April.

The upgrade will include the construction of a Doctor’s Plaza block with 45 outpatient consultation rooms (on the left from the entrance) and an Education and Research Centre (on the right from the entrance).
King Faisal Hospital
Moreover, US $3m worth of equipment for diagnostics and imagery will be purchased and the facility will also have a new corporate VIP section with facelift also done in some of the facilities including the lobby, electricity installations and the ramps.
Construction works have already kicked off for the outpatient block while works on the educational facility are scheduled for later this year. Chinese firm, Power China, was awarded the project contract.

“This is the start of an upgrade that aims at making the 30-year-old facility more efficient and effective. The Government is financing the project through different mechanisms,” said Kalimba.

King Faisal is country’s biggest referral hospital in Rwanda. To further improve patient’s experience, they are in the process of hiring medical specialists in fields that they deem lacking in skills and are in high demand. Between 10 and 15 medical experts are expected to join the hospital which currently has about 40 specialists working both part-time and fulltime.

Kalimba, affirmed that the hospital was in sound financial position following the Government’s investment, which has allowed them to undertake the upgrade and specialist recruitment.



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