King of Prussia (KOP) Light Rail Extension Project in Philadelphia: SEPTA Seeks Firms to Carry Out Final Design Works

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The King of Prussia (KOP) Light Rail Extension Project in Philadelphia is set to undergo the final design works after the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transport Authority (SEPTA) announced a tender inviting proposals from engineering firms to commence the works on the 4 miles project.

This final design for the KOP light rail which would serve in connecting the second largest employment centre to the largest one in the area by using the 69th Street Transportation Center’s route, is a crucial step in the bid to win a construction grant from the competitive Federal Capital Investment Grant Program for big transit projects, according to Anna Hooven, SEPTA’s project director for KOP Rail

If SEPTA is awarded the Federal Grant, some construction work should commence in 2024, followed by work involving the elevated guideway’s setup and construction on the bed for the tracks, which will start in 2025.

Trains are expected to start commuting the lines and moving passengers by 2027 if everything goes according to plan.  

Scope, cost and benefits of the KOP Rail line project

Development plans for the KOP Rail line project will cover a four-mile-long extension from Norristown to King of Prussia, with five new stations to be added at Henderson Road, Allendale Road, Mall Boulevard, First and American Avenues, and lastly, the final stop will be located at Moore Road close to the Valley Forge Casino Resort. A 500-capacity parking lot will also be strategically positioned at the last stop, to capture travelling motorists on U.S Highway 422.

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About $2 billion has been projected as the total cost of the KOP light-rail project and an estimated $1.6 billion has been earmarked to cover the construction costs, while the remaining expenditure will be for the planning and engineering designs. SEPTA’s recently enacted 12-year capital spending plan also includes the $390 million, which it pledged towards its new light-rail project

According to SEPTA, the KOP Rail line project offers several benefits to the region, which include the stimulation of 5.3 million square feet of new development and a $2.5 billion boost to property value across the region. In addition, about 8,000 permanent jobs are also expected to be created from the project.