Kingdom of Morocco Considers the Construction a nuclear reactor plant

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Allegedly, Morocco is considering constructing a nuclear reactor plant as part of its ambition to shift to greener energy sources, with an aim of improving the country’s energy sovereignty.

It is said that the North African country is considering launching a nuclear reactor to increase its reliance on renewable energy sources.

In 2015, Morocco began studying the possibility of constructing a nuclear reactor. Morocco’s Energy Transition and Sustainable Development Minister, Leila Benali, stated recently that the country’s parliament will discuss the report later this year.

According to Benali, the report presents a set of recommendations that would enable Morocco’s launch of a nuclear reactor plant.

The document provides the essential framework and infrastructure in which the country should invest to bring the idea to life, in addition to providing an overview of the project’s feasibility.

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In addition, the document makes proposals for an appropriate regulatory framework to support the industry.

Morocco is currently looking to nuclear energy to ensure its future energy security, after investing in capital-intensive wind and solar energy generating initiatives.

Benali stated that in order to begin producing electricity from nuclear energy, they needed a national stance.

Morocco remains largely dependent on energy imports, despite efforts to ensure national energy sovereignty. 90 per cent of the country’s energy needs are met by imports. The country’s reliance on energy imports, which is on the rise, would likely result in an increase in the country’s external trade deficit.

Nuclear reactors are the most powerful source of energy as of 2022, with the highest capacity factor—a measure of energy input—in all aspects.

It is said that Morocco’s solar energy has a capacity factor of 24.9 per cent, while nuclear energy has a capacity factor of 92.5 per cent, which is much higher than natural gas’s 56.6 per cent.

Possible impacts the nuclear reactor plant would cause on the environment

Nuclear power plants, on the other hand, pose a significant environmental threat if not properly managed since they produce radioactive waste.